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Welcome to Fawn River Review.

We believe that beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places. We're scribbling notes on envelopes while riding the subway. We're snapping photos on back country roads. We like the scent of wet pavement after it rains. We bring home the stray dog living in the alley and write haiku about the silhouette of a stranger we saw on a bruised trail at Yellowstone. We are rural and urban-- train whistles heard in late August or the clank of winter thick coffee cups at an all-night diner in the heart of the city. We're the overheard conversation at the truck stop or the peaceful silence at the summit of the mountaintop. We're talking to birds and befriending bristlecone pines. We like the taste of a garden tomato plucked straight from the vine after a June thunderstorm toppled our favorite maple tree. We value freedom of speech even if we don't agree with the speech. We didn't come to the party to argue, or maybe we didn't even come to the party. We inhale the centers of old chapter books before reading them. We cheer for the underdog. We expect the unexpected. We know there's magical and horrible happening side by side in this world. We value the attempt to document it in poetic ways. We're confessional, traditional, classical, experimental, bold, meek, sad, hilarious, avant-garde and anything in between.  Read our poems and stories. Look at our photos and art. Join us and send us yours. Please visit our blog for descriptions of our upcoming theme months!
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