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Balanced Rocks

Linda Imbler

A Multitude of Stones



I scan through
many moments’ reflections
to determine my ultimate fantasies,
hoping to use one wish
to gain as many as I need.


I muse,
aim to use
my best judgement,
knowing I will be satisfied
should I choose
to embrace goodwill,
endorse what’s bigger than myself.


And in a dale full of rocky figures,
I will give each stone the name
of someone I know,
and I will give each name a wish,
greatly increasing the emphasis
on their well being.
Knowing that
focusing on any one of them
does not lessen the significance
of my own stone in the valley.

Sunset on the Desert

Linda Imbler has ten published poetry collections and one hybrid ebook of short fiction and poetry. She is a Wichita, Kansas based author.

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