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We're excited to announce some of our upcoming themes for 2023!

Updated: Apr 3

We're excited to announce some of our upcoming themes for 2023! Keep checking back for themes that have not yet been announced. Feel free to suggest one. No reading/Submission fees through June 2023 so send us your work now! :)

April- Our premiere issue- Anything goes. This was a labor of love between writers and friends who wanted to get things started. Now that our format is built and the specifics are in place, we will be opening up our submissions to anyone and everyone. We will be on Submittable soon, in the meantime, please just click "submissions" from the main page for info on how to send your writing. We will also be adding short stories, prose, photography and art of all forms in the coming months.




August- "The Ghosts of Summers Past, Present and Future." Send us your summer love poetry, the story about your crush at summer camp who you married 20 years later, or the year you ran away with the carnival and ended up in Truth or Consequence, New Mexico. Give us the best of your road trip photography. Focus on the dog days of summer, the back trails you hiked, the people you meet, the feelings they bring.


October- "Oddities and Endings." Send us your autumn themed nostalgia, your eerie Halloween best, what you pine for, what you regret. Send us photos of the strange and surreal, dark and bleak, and show us where the hope is in between.



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